My Development Setup

Sat Mar 2, 2019
~300 Words

NB: This post is a work in progress.

Terminal / Shell

Dotfiles use the Thoughtbot collection as a lightweight base, with all customisation performed in a separate dotfiles-local repository. This gets me:

  • Basic configuration of zsh
  • A basic tmux setup
  • vim/nvim integrated with tmux such that moving between vim and tmux panes is seamless, using the same motions.
  • And most importantly, with this approach there are no lines in the config that I do not understand.

Using Alacritty for a lower-latency experience. Has required minor but important customisation

Using fzf integrated with zsh to allow for usage like nvim **<TAB> where fzf will give me Ctrl-P/Textmate style searching for the file I want to edit. For example to edit this post I would only need to type ‘devs’ and it would have narrowed the list down to this one file.


Firefox with the Tridactyl extension to all for controlling the browser using vim movements (drastically reducing mouse usage) and allowing text content on pages to be edited in MacVim.


I use Karabiner Elements to set up parentheses on a tap of either shift key, rules to train me to use the right hand for each modifier combination, and I map semi-colon to colon as I use the latter a lot more frequently. Overall aim is to reduce the use of modifier keys and chording to improve typing speed and reduce slightly the chance of RSI.

Until recently worked mostly on an Ergodox but have recently switched back to standard layout keyboards.